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Re: TASS UPS, Tech Note.

On Wed, 20 Aug 1997 14:08:25 -0400, "John D. Gwinner" <gwinner@northnet.org> wrote:
*>> A more "robust" reset would be to shutdown the PC's power supply
*>> via an AC disconnect. It would have the additional virtue of shutting
*>> down the AC supply - sometimes they "hang". I had suggested a
*>I really don't like this suggestions, as the 10 dollar timer has no idea if
*>you've got files open at that time.  You are practically guaranteed to
*>loose open files at some point.

John reminds me that on Unix-like systems like Linux, important file
information is held in memory: a "sync" command MUST be issued (better, a
proper shutdown commenced) before anything drastic like a power down
is done. Sorry: I've been talking "Linux" and thinking "MS-DOS" in
this regard. So this option is not appropriate for Linux-based systems.
It could be made to work, but it seems most of this kind of discussion is
in "hundred-dollar" increments, not ten dollars.

Herb Johnson

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