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Re: watchdog

John G. wrote:
>Is it too late to design a watchdog into the TASS card itself? (probably)
  This is an interesting point, especially since companies like
Dallas Semiconductor make watchdog chips.  If, at some time, you decide
to make a new memory card, you might look at one of these for inclusion.
  The more I consider it, the more I think the best approach has been
described by Chris.  Use an UPS with modem control, and if the power is
off more than xxx minutes, do a clean shutdown.  At the same time, protect
the hardware so that any software glitch can't hurt the camera.
  Now, you've protected the system against the most common catastrophic
failure - a power outage.  If the software hangs (which you will see from
any data monitoring that occurs), which is probably the second most
common failure, then all you have to do is a remote login
and restart.  I don't see the necessity for a true watchdog for this system.