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Re: scheduling observations, given a target list


Tom did get the word to me that I had things backwards about how
fast the mount would move.  Perhaps he forgot to cc the mail list?
I agree it is best to do the move right after the shutter closes.
I think we can do a move on both axes at once if we use some
tricks so the move in dec may take zero effective time.
The software I'm working on will do no planning. It will just read
from a target list  I think the details of a scan plan may depend
quite a bit of how well the mount tracks.  Will it be up to 5 minute
exposures?  I don't think we will know for a while.

aah@nofs.navy.mil wrote:
> I could have missed it, but I didn't see any response to Chris' question last week
> regarding declination motion speed.  He misunderstood Tom, and thought that the
> 960-second RA complete reset time was also required to move 4 degrees in declination,
> and of course that is wrong.  Declination on the mark IV is a much faster motion since
> it is correspondingly cruder in resolution.

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