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Any DBMS experts on the list?

I guess the real point of this message is to see if anyone
has any strong preferences...
It may be worth taking another look at database systems now.

There have been many important announcements recently about Linux and
databases.  The "big players" in the database world, Oracle, Sybase, IBM,
Informix and CA have all announced availability of their products for Linux. 
These are big scale applications with the support of a fortune 500 company
behind them.  Several of these companies are releasing their Linux version for
free.  (not quite free as the typical download is 100 to 150MB)  IBM claims that
their database system called "DB2" holds "most of the world's data".  That's a
big claim but consider how much data VISA must keep on-line. Every VISA
transaction worldwide over the last n years.  We do not have to worry about
outgrowing DB2.  Suddenly these industrial sized applications are available to

On the other hand, two premier free (aka "open source") database systems,
Postgres and MySQL continue to evolve.  MySQL is likely the fastest of any free
or commercial database while Postgres offers a few unique features that even the
big guys don't have.  These free
systems are available on non-Linux systems whereas the comercial
systems cost big $$$ once you get off Linux. So if we want to put
our TASS Database system on a non-Linux system like a Sun SPARC
we need to stick with an Open Source DBMS.

Does anyone have time to look into this?  I'm working on Mk IV
real-time control currently and don't plan to re-visit the database
stuff for a while.  I do have pointers to Oracle, Sybase Informix
and so on if anyone wants them.

--Chris Albertson

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