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STAMP Questions


I am going to have to write a "STAMP Simulator" to support
debugging.  This will be a very simple program.  It will
simply read commands from a serial port and send a response
after some delay just like the real STAMP would.  I think I'll
also have it print those commands to the screen.  So for 
testing I'll simply wire two serial ports on the same PC 
together with a null modem cable.

I have some questions:

1) I assume the STAMP chip itself uses only a three wire serial
   cable. but you may have wired a handshake line up to the
   STAMP's power supply or some such so the PC can know if the
   STAMP is "up".  So, How many wires in the null modem cable?

2) The acknowledgment is always the eight command bytes echoed
   back put with possible different values in Data0 ... Data3
   bytes.  Correct?  (Actually my simulated STAMP won't care  It
   will just read any eight bytes and accept that as an command

3) What baud rate does the STAMP run at?  Is this fixed or

--Chris Albertson

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