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Re: The Refrigerator

Hi Guys

>Yep, heat transfer is a real pain.  When you are trying to conduct heat
>into that tank in the frige, you have to get by a thermal resistance for
>just the wall of the tank of 1 degree F per square foot per Btu.   It is
>hard to get many square ft in a tank that fits in a small frige so the
>thermal coupling between the air in the frig and the water tank is not so
>good.  Sigh!  The air should get real cold in the frig and take care of
>this, but who knows how well the refrigerant does this.  Lots of problems I
>don't want to solve today.   It is true that a fan would help a lot.  But
>things just get more and more complicated.  Now you have the load of the
>fan motor heat.

How about using a small AC unit to circulate Air, there would be extra power
but the cost in terms of additional heat for the circulation would be
negligible if not

Only a suggestion from a first timer

Don Weyham