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TASS Logo contest -- call for votes!

  We now have 4 entries in the TASS logo contest, from 3 different
contestants.  It is time to pick one.  Here's how you can cast your

       - go to URL     http://a188-L009.rit.edu/tass/logo/logo.html

       - look at the different choices: "A" through "D"
       - do not hit the "reply" button on your mailer
       - send an E-mail message to me directly, "mwrsps@rit.edu"
         with the words "TASS Logo" in the "Subject:" line

       - in the body of your message, place the letter corresponding
         to your choice on a line by itself, like this:


  I will collect votes from now until Nov 2, 1998.  Each person may 
cast a single vote.  In the case of a tie, I will pick a winner.
I'll announce the winning entry to the group sometime after Election Day.

                                            Michael Richmond