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Re: Fermilab Talk


I would like to attend and will be traveling from Columbus, Ohio.
I believe the following URLs might help for those arriving from out of town.
( http://www.fnal.gov/pub/visitor_info.html ) and a map can be found at 
( http://www.fnal.gov/pub/map1.gif ) .
Will this Fermilab Colloquium be video recorded and available for purchase? 
(Just looking at for some old TASS colleagues back in Maryland) :o)

Marty Pittinger

At 11:23 AM 10/30/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I am giving a talk at Fermilab on Wednesday November 4th on tass.  It is a
>Fermilab Colloquium, and I think open to the public.  At least the
>laboratory is open to the public during the day, and there is no guard at
>the door.  It will be held in the first floor conference room.  Wine and
>cheese will be served at 3:30 in the second floor display area and the talk
>is at 4:00PM.  It will last roughly one hour.  Anyone local is welcome to
>drop by.   Visitors can just drive on to the site, but you must go out
>through the same gate you came in.  (This to stop through traffic).
>Tom Droege