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Re: [TASS] TASS Software version control

Ted Woodhouse wrote:
> At 04:07 PM 08-12-99 -0800, Chris Albertson wrote, in part:
> >TASS programmers,
> >
> >Software version control and distribution is going to become
> >an issue soon if it is not already...
> It would appear we are being pressed to restrict participation
> in TASS to those who use Linux.

I hate to say "RTFM".  But take a look at http://www.cyclic.com
and look at the list of supported computers.  They even
have an Amiga version of CVS.  Not many people would be left
out.  For those that don't speak English it comes in  "Deutsch
Franšais Japanese Svenska and Russian".

Programs like "cvsweb" allow anyone with a web browser to  browse CVS
trees via the web (Here is an example:  The entire source code
to the BSD operating system is in a CVS system.  See it here
http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/cvsweb.cgi You can get the whole revision
history of BSD using only a set top "webTV" box )

> I think that would be a pity, as many of us have equipment that
> is not supported by Linux.  For instance, I have installed Linux
> in a dual-boot system, but it will not communicate with my modem,
> printer, scanner, speakers or networking card.

e-mail me at home (chrisja@jps.net) about your Linux problems.
They can likely be fixed, unles your hardware really is "Windows

  Chris Albertson

  calbertson@logicon.com                  Voice: 626-351-0089  X127
  Logicon, Pasadena California            Fax:   626-351-0699