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New Data Set

Last night I got in a fair run.  The scheme is short, long, short, long,
exposure group with a dark frame group every 5 data group.  Looks like I
have enough data to fill 3 CD ROMs.  Note that one set of data, 4 live
frames and one dark frame in two filters and two short and two long
exposures uses 320 MB of storage.  So one gets only two sets per CD.  

Each 4 frame group requires about 12 minutes to take.  Since it takes a
star 16 minutes to traverst the field, there is a decent overlap.   With a
dark group every 5 groups this gives a dark frame group every hour.  

Someone asked for many dark frames to average.  It is probably not worth
the effort.  I subtracted the first from the last long exposure dark frame
and got a difference of 1 count.  

I made this run specifically at the request of Michael Richmond.  I will
make a copy of it for anyone else that is really interested in working on
it.  It is a big effort to make a copy so don't ask unless you have a
project in mind.  Well, it is not that big an effort, but it does require
several hours a set if I remember to tend to the disk drive every time it
is ready for the next copy.

There is a problem with the first 50 or so lines of the I camera on this
data, otherwise it looks pretty good.  I could probably get a better focus,
but not much better. 

I am calling this Disk Set 9

Tom Droege