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New Camera, N6

Just put together a new camera to replace the one with the funny first few
lines that was being used as the I camera.  This is actually the 10th
camera that I have assembled that works and takes pictures.  Most have one
thing or another wrong with them.  So far this one works great.  Gradually
I am learning how I break them.  I am also learning all the changes to make
a good camera.  

Now I have to take the old I camera and trouble shoot it.  This probably
means that I will have to separate the camera head and the CCD and switch
them with another camera head and CCD.  Then see which the problem follows.
 I have already done the obvious - looked carefully at the camera - but I
do not see anything.  It could be something simple like a bad or backwards
electrolytic capacitor.  

Tom Droege