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This is a resend because the first message was lost.  Sorry if you get two

I now have a 7' Astro Haven clam shell dome on order.  OK, the problem is
that it is hard for me to work on the Mark IV where it is.  In order to see
anything between the trees and the roof of the enclosure I have to sit the
Mark IV on the floor and look up at 4N12W.  I just have a few degrees that
I can move from that position.   

This means that when I work on the Mark IV, I have to get down on the floor
to do it.  At nearly 70 this is really painful for me.  So I don't do all
the things that I really should do to get things working well. 

I don't see much hope for "Dead Barny".  I now understand better what I
need to do for development work and "Dead Barney"does not do it.  By the
time I would fix it up so I could work with it, I will still have a bad
work space.  So I am opting for better working conditions.   

The dome will allow me to place the Mark IV up on a table where I can get
all around it and work.  I will then be able to look about +/- 15 degrees
from the zenith.  Plenty of space for a survey.  

At the moment the builders are here patching the leak in the roof.  Well,
not exactly, we are rebuilding the roof to try to carry the water further
away from where it is leaking.  We still, after two years of trying, have
not actually found how it leaks.  My advice:  When building never build
anything different.  Every time you try something different in building you
find out how you did it wrong.  Building is a trial and error process.
Roofs are built as they are because the trade has found out (from many
mistakes) a way that works.

I should have a quote in a few days.  Then we can charge ahead on the
installation.  The Dome should arrive in about 5 weeks.  

The dome will give me a nice place to run the Mark IV.  I am also planning
developmental space for the Mark IV.  I don't plan to ever quit. 

Tom Droege