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Computer Problems

Looks like I have successfully changed out the hard drive.  Everything was
lost on both drives in the process, but I always try to operate so that I
can lose everything.

Thanks to all that offered help.  It went better than usual, and I only
added minimal weight to the curses already placed on o'l Bill.

In the midst of fussing with the computer, the pump motor burned out and
blew the breaker for the computer.  This just added one more dimension to
configuring Windows.  

The two running cameras continue to work as I think they should.  It is
possible that the click, click disk was causing a noise problem, but I
don't see how.  In any case, the two running cameras are fairly quiet.  5
and 6 ADU of noise for a Bias run.  This translates to 15 or so electrions.  

Now back to the production line.  Top of the list is getting enough boards
checked out that I can send a set to Chris.  So, Chris, soon!

Tom Droege