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Re: Water Cooling

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000 20:20:24 -0600, Tom Droege <droege@wwa.com> wrote:
*>You all must think that nothing ever happens here but disaster.  Lots of
*>things wofk.  It is just that it is no fun to report something that works.
*>Tonight we were watching Wall Street Week, and I was attempting to take the
*>big step focus run for Andrew.  We heard a drip, drip, drip.  By the time
*>we got up to the tower the whole gallon jug of anti-freeze mix was

Tom, I have similar worries about my sump pump failing. I went to Home
Depot to look for a solution, and found they had at least a warning device.
A simple battery-operated piezo buzzer with a pair of electrodes on a wire.
When moisture hits the electrodes the buzzer goes off. Even dampness on my
concrete floor registers.

When we had a strong rain last fall, after some hours the water purcolated
down into my foundations, and the basement was overwhelmed with a surge
of water. Fortunately the alarm went off, and I had additional sump pumps
Icould put on-line, and there was minimal damage. Even my neighbor had
to borrow one of my OTHER extra sump pumps when his failed.

This reminds me, I should buy another buzzer. At several dollars it was
cheaper to buy than to make. Such a device might give you additional
warning time.

HErb Johnson

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