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I just called Lockheed for price and delivery for some more CCD442a's.
They called me back and said $15,000 ea. and 6-8 week delivery.  Sigh!
This is going to take some negotiation.  Fortunately I have 15 working
devices, so this covers most of my commitments.  But I really would like to
get some more at the last price or better.  

That is the fun of this project.  Every day there is some major shock.
Just when the camera line is working smoothly, I may not be able to afford
CCDs to plug into it.

But one good thing came of the call.  Lockheed is still there and making
CCDs.  At least they are willing to quote a price.  Lockheed has been going
through some merging and acquisition and sell off of divisions.  It is good
to hear that they still answer the phone as Lockheed.

Hmmmm!  It is a big company.  I call up the salesman as an old customer and
say I want to buy $17,000 worth of stuff and he has his secretary call me
back with the price.  Ugh!  I suppose I have to say I want to buy a wing of
F-15s to get his attention.   

Tom Droege