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Re: TCL/TK GUI program

Chris Albertson wrote:

>I don't want to
>interface graphically or any other way with the Mark IV.  I want to
>give it a set of work to do, press a button then go to sleep and in the
>morning wake up to find all the data reduced and stuffed in a database
>with a statistical summary I can review before going to work.

Uhhh!  Chris, you really don't want to do this immediately.  You will get
no data.  Well, eventually you will learn everything to check, but early on
you want to take a bunch of test data, then do the above.  

At the moment, my program makes a bunch of beeps.  I can be sleeping,
notice the patern of beeps has changed, and jump up and fix something.
Well, I don't expect that level of dedication from everyone ;^) but lots of
things go wrong, and you want to be able to fix things that do. 

I would like, for example, to have a little piece of the image displayed
from each camera every time it takes a new frame.  At the moment, I just
plot a few numbers.  I can look at these and notice clouds moving in, etc..
  OK, programs can also do this.  My point is that you want to have lots of
things monitored, and "allow" human intervention.  I am afraid that we will
not get much data if we try from the start to do without any human help.  

Tom Droege