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Re: Relative Humidity Sensors


Look at Honeywell - they make a sensor with a linear amplified output - part
number is something like HIH-3605-A. They claim that they are
interchangeable, which means no calibration.



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Subject: Relative Humidity Sensors

> It looks like the basic scheme for measuring relative humidity is to use a
> capacitor sanwidch made up of two plates with a special polymer in
>  As the polymer absorbes moisture, it's dielectric constant changes, and
> thus the capacity of the device.  Unfortunately I am set up to measure
> voltage, not capacity.  I know how to do deal with this type of device,
> not in the Mark IV.  So the best suggestion is that of jamie who said go
> Radio Shack and buy their device.  Unfortunately it has a digital meter on
> it.  The hope would be that I can find inside where they have a voltage
> proportional to the RH.  Hmmm!   This is beginning to look like a bigger
> project than I would want.
> BTW, those interested can look at:
> http://www.protimeter-usa.com/Support/supcmth.htm
> and see that Bob Dubner's light on a mirror device is actually a
> product.
> Why to most of my search efforts for RH end up in Vantaa, Finland?  The
> Vaisala Co. has a page showing their relative humidity in real time.
> like in Finland you discuss relative humidity instead of the Bulls.
> Tom Droege