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Re: Project Goals

 Just thought that I might mention a point that Brian Skiff has brought up
several times in the past....  There needs to be a good sets of light
curves generated for a lot of the known variables out there... I *both* V &
I band would be great...

  Its fun to find new variables but even more worth while is to generate
good (Photometric) light curves of known variables..  The AAVSO is doing
this mostly with "eyeball" meansurments... This might not be a "glamorous"
as some other projects but it is a very rewarding project that can be done
from most light polluted suburban backyeards..and yield some good results
for the time invested.....

Glenn G.

At 05:36 PM 5/15/00 -0500, Tom Droege wrote:
>In case anyone is wondering what our objective might be, I refer them to
>Bohdan Paczynski's paper.  He has been my guide through this, and I see no
>reason to change.  Of course in tass there are no rules.  So you can do
>what you want.  But on the faint chance that some of you are looking for a
>goal, there it is, all neatly spelled out.  It it is something that we can
>do well.
>Tom Droege