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RE: Time for Software

I'm going to toss an idea out and see if anyone cringes.  Does anyone have a
DSL/Cable computer connection which run Linux/PostGreSQL and is on all the
time?  If so, I believe I can write some software which would allow for a
secure central database server.  Or are we talking too much data from each
TASS site that those of us stuck in the modem age wouldn't be able to update
the central TASS database?  Pardon if this is an uninformed question, but
I'm uninformed :-).

> I agree with Chris on the first two items; i.e. use FITS for 
> images and star
> lists.  The last item is a little trickier.  The problem is 
> matching the
> observations to the TASS catalog at individual TASS sites 
> since the catalog
> doesn't yet exist.  To make this work we would need some way 
> of seeding and
> updating the catalogs between databases so we can synchronize 
> observations.
> Mike G.