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Re: Time for Software

  Robert Creager asks:

> Does anyone have a
> DSL/Cable computer connection which run Linux/PostGreSQL and is on all the
> time? 

  Yup.  The machine which holds the main TASS database,
stupendous.rit.edu, is on all the time, has a 10-MBit connection,
runs Linux and has PostgreSQL.  

  Send me some E-mail at "mwrsps@rit.edu" and we can discuss all
the details without boring everyone else.

  Oh, and by the way, I'll be writing my own code to reduce the 
Mark IV data under Linux (just as Tom predicted: give N astronomers
a camera, get N different software packages :-)  It won't be based
on IRAF, but on my own code.  I think it will be very useful to 
compare results on the same images with Arne and Mike G., just to
make sure that none of us has screwed up in a big way.

  The code is a set of TCL scripts which call XVista programs.
It currently has all the parts up to and including astrometry
of the detected stars; the one big piece missing is photometric
calibration.  A job for August....

                                                 Michael Richmond