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Time for SPARCs?

On Thu, 03 Aug 2000 00:49:54 -0700, Chris Albertson <chrisja@jps.net> wrote:
*>It will be interesting to see how the SPARC 10s perform.  They
*>are now relics from a previous century and run at what, a whopping
*>50Mhz?  But they have good floating point performance relative
*>to their clock speed maybe on par with a Pentium 120.  If you
*>have enough 10's you could keep up in real time.
*>I actually like old SPARCs and have a collection of them here at home.
*>There is an IPC, Classic, II, 4 and three 5s. and boxes of spare parts.
*>All salvaged or bought at fire sale price.

As my business is reselling old computers, I stumble over these old
SPARCs myself, here on the East Coast. If for some odd reason, some
TASS member wants some of this hardware I too can probably ship them
some at "firesale" prices. As Chris is on the West Coast my offer compliments
his, shipping is the majority cost for these systems. But I will leave
support to him, I'm not familiar with these systems.

Herb Johnson

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