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MIKE is started

The first pieces of MIKE are up on the assembly table and the first screws 
have been put into MIKE.

Speaking of putting screws into Mike, how about it Mike, how is the 
software progressing.  ;^)  Seems to me that it would be helpful if you and 
Glenn got together and shared tasks.

Meanwhile all the bits of ARNE are packed in the trunk of the Camray.  It 
is one big shipping container.  I ended up just dumping a couple of bags of 
plastic peanuts into the trunk to cushion everything.  I hope that NOFS 
does not get too excited if a few of them escape in the unloading 
process.  We will bring a bag to capture them.

I will now be nervous until I get to NOFS, unload everything, and find that 
I have enough parts to build a Mark IV.  Mostly except for metal parts, I 
have brought enough stuff for two Mark IVs.  A spare for almost everything.

Tom Droege