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Water Sports

Today the trickle of water being pumped through the cameras just 
stopped.  Something had become clogged.  I know better, but I did not have 
any kind of filter in the water system.  So the open bucket with the 
dehumidifier coil in it must have collected enough flies and other solid 
matter to clog one of the little disconnects.

When I had a very small flow, I measured that the return water was 20F 
warmer than the tank.  I think one should work to get the flow high enough 
that the return is only a degree or two higher than the tank.

WARNING to Camera Operators.

I think you will want to do something to filter the water running through 
the cameras.  The water disconnects that I use are very convenient since 
they close off the flow when you open one.  But the path is pretty 
restricted, so they clog easily.

OK, what I did was to go to the hardware store and collect a bunch of 
stuff.  Sigh!  They do not have a compete selection of anything.  I guess 
it is like a plumber going to Radio Shack to try to build a data 
instrumentation system.  They have only a sample of parts - but not a 
complete set to build anything but one of their projects.  I ended up with 
a real Rube Goldberg to match the fittings on the parts to each 
other.  Yes, I have catalogs with every fitting imaginable, but I wanted to 
do this today as the sky is clear.

I bought a small house water filter.  About $10 without the cartridges.  A 
new Little Giant pump.  Lots of hose clamps, hose barbs, and the like.  I 
now pump out of the tank with the dehumidifier coil in it, through the 
water filter, through the cameras, and back into the tank.  I can see the 
trickle of coolant returning, and so can tell that there is enough 
flow.  It really does not take much, but drip, drip, drip, is not enough.

Now everything is working great.  The sky is pretty clear, and I have 
patched the code to use Rob's scheme to write fits files directly for data 
similar to the DRG 65 disk set.

We shall see if it all works.

Tom Droege