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Fits Header

For the next few days I will be working on the QBasic program to write 
proper fits headers for my location.  This program then should also work 
for Arne and Michael if they want to use it.

I think Rob has the basic things in the fits header already.  I am looking 
for a list of things that you all would like to see in the header.

Just send me lists that look like (I copied this from Jure's TN):

XTENSION= 'IMAGE'                      / So this is an image extension
BITPIX = 16                                     / Number of bits is the 
same as before
NAXIS = 2                                        / NAXIS1 = 768
/ NAXIS2 = 1

I will try then to get the right stuff from the QBasic program and insert 
it into the fits header using Rob's cfitsio calling program.