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RE: Run Last Night

In case you care, GMT is the name of a time zone, just like Eastern Time or
Central Time.  But if I recall correctly, Greenwich Mean Time also switches
in the summer for daylight savings. So, the technical reference is now UTC.
During non-summer months, GMT is the same as UTC.

UTC is the designation for Coordinated Universal Time. In English, the
acronym should be CUT, but in French, where they hang adjectives on after
the noun, it would be TCU.  The French and American members of the committee
couldn't agree on which to use, so they settled on UTC, on the grounds that
it is wrong in both languages.  I hope that they laughed while they did
this, but with the French you can never be sure.

Central Time is ZONE+6.  In standard time UTC is six hours ahead of central
time; during daylight savings UTC is five hours ahead.  So, right now, if it
is noon in England, it is seven a.m. in Chicago.

> Dumb question #1.  I assume that UT is the old GMT which is +5
> hours to get
> to central time.
> Tom Droege