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Re: No Escape - can we comput an allowable timming error?

Dear all,

Just two cents:

- From all our experience in photometry (7 color Geneva system...), we can 
to say that an absolute accuracy of 1-5 sec in needed, but sufficient in
all cases, except for a few exceptions, as lunar occultations etc, where
it should be better than 1 ms !

- Lunar occultation visual observer (naked eye) get down to .1 - .3 sec
abs accuracy. They use some form of radio signal as reference. So it should
not be very difficult to set and keep PC clocks to 1 sec absolut. With
electronic means (gps, www, wwwb, xntp etc), it should be children game
(millisesond is still difficult, but not second).

Just for security, because I am quite sure that it is already implemented,
dont forget to translate local times into solar barycentric ones...

Regards,     Paul

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