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Good News and Bad

The good news is that everything seems to be working.  The bad news is that 
I am going to have to spend the day cleaning out the water cooling 
system.   There is a bare trickle of water now going through the 
cameras.  Since it is pretty cold here, that is enough.  The cameras almost 
cool themselves through conduction to the frame.

A warning to all who are running or are going to run a Mark IV 
system.  Cooling water systems are a pain.  You have to pay the toll.  I 
think this means a professional type chiller and a sealed water/anti-freeze 
system with a filter.  At least that is what I am working on.

A web search yesterday turned up what I think will be the ideal device for 
the chiller.  In big buildings, they have one chiller for several drinking 
fountains.  This is a well packaged commercial box.  They are called a 
"Remote Chiller".  I have found 3 different manufacturers so far.  The 
ELKAY units seem to have the best specifications on line.  For some reason 
about every other search ends me up in Australia.  Looks like "down under" 
is really into chilled water in their drinking fountains.  Other brands I 
found are Sunroc and Oasis.  Monday I will try to buy one.

Meanwhile the rest of the day will be spent crawling around in the tower 
trying to clear out the system.

Tom Droege