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Re: Linux/Windows Help

That's exactly what I'd do too.  Boot from floppy or from a Linux
CD.  Once you are back into your system, simply tping "lilo"
should re-write the boot sector with the LILO booter.

--- "Gary W. Billings" <obs681@telusplanet.net> wrote:
> I don't have any reference materials where I am right now, but the
> route I would
> take would be to bring up linux using the install/rescue disk, but in
> rescue
> mode.  This will let you run commands etc, but to see any hard disks
> you'll
> have to explicitly issue "mount" commands.  You should, however, be
> able to
> run "lilo" to re-install the boot information in the boot sector of
> your hard
> drive.
> I hope this helps,
> Gary Billings
> >Rob sent me new software to try running the QBasic program from a
> Linux DOS
> >Window.  When I went to install the Mark IV memory card, I found
> that the 
> >only available ISA slot was being used up by the modem.  The result
> was 
> >several hours of thrashing while I figured out how to get a modem
> working 
> >in a PCI slot.  I finally reloaded Windows and then the modem
> worked.
> >
> >As a result of reloading Windows, I have (apparently) lost the LILO
> boot 
> >choice.  It will only come up in Windows.  Can someone tell me how
> to 
> >restore LILO so that I can boot to Linux and try my new software?
> >
> >Tom Droege
> >
> >
> >

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