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Re: Few results from disk sets 17 and 18


Thanks very much for the nice data.  I would be interested in a plot of 
mean sigma vs magnitude.  It is hard to estimate this from the log scatter 
plot.  I printed out a few stars.  There are three extra columns that are 
not in your list.  An eight digit number followed by numbers similar to the 
magnitude and the sigma.  What are these?

I notice that we have 40 -50 measurements for most stars.

You go to nearly mag 15 on the plot, this seems to be well down into the 
noise for this data??

I can now see (with help from Arne Henden and Bohden Paczynski) how to take 
data for better results in finding variables.  The plan is to follow a star 
for as long as possible each evening.  This will get 30 or so measurements 
spread out over 4 hours at the longest practical exposure.  We are working 
to get TOM1 set up to do this.

Tom Droege

At 11:27 PM 7/9/01 +0200, you wrote:
>I am sorry to digress from the current discussions, but I finally produced 
>results from the disk sets 17 and 18.  They are available at
>Some notes regarding this location.  It will only be active until 31 
>July.  It is
>my home computer and the upstream data rate is not so great.  If this is too
>slow, I will try to find another server, if there is any interest for this, of
>                                 Jure Skvarc