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Gettin MIKE Working

I have spent the day making MIKE work.  MIKE did not want to work.  I am 
trying to test the new proms which give the agreed on format.  Mike was not 
working to start with.  In the process of testing I cycled a number of 
boards through the system.  This is usually a recipe for 
disaster.  Eventually I had to drag the oscilloscope out on the porch and 
just look at every signal.  I found where there was a bad OR gate which 
caused the scan to never stop.  This created the junk data that I have 
mentioned in the past.  There seems to be the same problem on two boards so 
I was chasing it as if it was a design race or logical problem.  This is a 
great relief.

In the process of looking for the scanner problem I swapped in a bad ADC 
board.  This had a similar bad data problem.  So I just searched all day 
with the scope.  Sigh!  I know how to do all this but my old bones object 
to jumping up and down and running back and forth to the porch checking 
things.  I need a young assistant.  Preferably brunette with a good figure 
to ease the pain in my bones.

Tom Droege