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Special notes and resources of MisV stars

MISAO Project Announce Mail (July 29, 2001)

Hello. I am Seiichi Yoshida working on the MISAO project.

The number of MISAO Project new variable stars reached to 1131 on July
17. Taichi Kato at Kyoto University, John Greaves in the United
Kingdom, and many people have been sending us the research results of
papers, opinions and comments, observation data, etc. on those MisV
stars. Those reports are summarized in the MISAO Project Home Page.

As described in the Announce Mail on July 16, the research of recent
catalogs by John Greaves and Seiichi Yoshida revealed that none of the
MisV stars are novae or cataclysmic variables. However, one
interesting object had been found during the research. That is

MisV0380 is not recorded in any catalogs, so John Greaves investigated
the past plates. But there is no star image within 3 arcsec. That is
the only one case among one thousand MisV stars.

John Greaves asked for observation of MisV0380 to variable star
observers. Then Mike Simonsen, Rod Stubbings, C. P. Jones observed it
visually and reported that it was fainter than 14.2 mag. At the same
time, Fred Velthuis took a CCD image, where MisV0380 was bright at
12.39 mag. In addition, Taichi Kato pointed out that MisV0380 is
recorded in the infrared catalog MSX5C. In conclusion, MisV0380 is a
bright object in infrared. So it is probably a Mira type.

Some of the MisV stars have such a "story". Interesting possibilities
are pointed out for some of them, for example it may be an X-ray star.
Those special notes on MisV stars are summarized in the WWW page:

  MisV Stars Special Notes

Some of the possibilities have not yet been concluded. When you
observe them or research on them, please report to us.

Furthermore, some people sent us observation supporting resources,
like finding charts.

The Project Pluto's "GUIDE" is one of the most popular planetarium
softwares in the world. MISAO Project also has a CD-ROM of GUIDE 7.0
presented by Bill J. Gray. John Greaves provides the file to show MisV
stars on the GUIDE window. 

Mike Simonsen, one of the observers of MisV0380, provides finding
charts of MisV0380. 

Those resources on MisV stars offered to the MISAO Project are
available at the following WWW page:

  MisV Stars Resources

The past MISAO project announce mails are available at:

Seiichi Yoshida