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Time Problem

As you all know, I have been adjusting the parameters so that the right WCS 
show up in the FITS files.  To avoid the DST problem, I have my computer 
set for Casablanca.  This is now 6 hours later than local CST.  I think 
this is correct.  I note that nothing happened on the computer running the 
Mark IV on October 28, while my other computer told me it had switched off 

This all worked through the DST switch on October 28.  In fact it worked 
through November 4th.  That is images taken before and after October 28 had 
WCS parameters that gave correct star positions.

The data taken on November 5th is suddenly off by one hour.  I have to 
subtract 1 hour from the indicated star position as shown by DS9 to get the 
actual star position.

OK, I expected a problem at the DST switch and saw none.  Now there is a 
one hour error.

My program gets time from QBasic which reads the dos parameter seconds 
since midnight.  This is what I use to compute WCS.

Anyone with any ideas about what I might be doing wrong?

Tom Droege