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Re: Data Taking Plan for TOM2

On Mon, 05 Nov 2001 14:02:50 -0600, Tom Droege 
<tdroege@veriomail.com> wrote:

>I propose to point TOM2 at the pole and take data similar to the flat 
>runs.  I could take 30 or so exposures rotating around the pole.  This 
>would get many repeat exposures of the stars at different positions on the 
>CCD.  I would include bias frames and dark frames in the runs.  Say 1 bias, 
>2 darks, and 17 object files.  Then rotate back to the limit switch and do 
>it all again until the night was over.

Sounds great to me. Lots of grist to the
flat-fielder's mill. And, as the other posts
point out, there is a lot of older data on
that area. Once upon a time I helped with the
observations for the first earth rotation aperture
synthesis of the north polar region at 178 MHz ...

I am currently downloading Tycho2 for the pole.

Andrew Bennett, Avondale Vineyard