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Data Accumulation

I was just looking at my "stack" and the log book.

I have accumulated data on 29 days over the last two months.  This is the 
best time of the year around here so this is expected.  The data fills 200+ 
CDs, which means of order 10,000 2k x 2k images.

I have covered the area 3 times on average, so this means that I will have 
many stars that have been measured 150 or so times.

At this rate, I might get 1000 CDs per year per telescope.  I will thus 
have to process something like 3000 CDs per year.  Hmmmm!  A big but not 
impossible job.  That is what I plan to do for the next 10 years or 
so.   Hmmmm!  10 years x 3000 = 30,000 Cds.  Boggle!  Hmmm!  That is a 
stack roughly 100' high.  At least it does not reach to the moon as with 
some statistics.  It will not be so bad.  Better storage media will be here 
at reasonable cost.

I am still thinking about what piece of this to put in Data Set 20.  It is 
sure that I will include flat box data, which I still have to take.

Tom Droege