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Re: Counting the Loot

On Sun, 11 Nov 2001 08:48:33 -0600, Tom Droege 
<tdroege@veriomail.com> wrote:

>Somtimes I feel like a miser counting his loot.  Last night was a good 
>night and I got a flat run plut 5 56 image runs.  Well the last one was at 
>dawn and only had 30 or so usable images.
>It not takes me about an hour in the morning to shut down the telescope and 
>transfer the data to CD.  I try to look at an image or two on each 
>disk.  The "silver" CDs are stacking up like coins in a misers vault.
>I just hope that we can learn to reduce this data.
>Tom Droege

Do not despair! My latest home built pipeline took
only a fortnight to process 3 CDs!!

The good news is that less than 24 hours of that time
was actually employed in "processing" data - the rest
of the time was getting some of the bugs out.

The bad news is that at least one too many of the bugs
is still in there ...

But at least there is hope that one computer can process
the output of one camera without falling behind. And that's
complete processing: the output is a complete list of
calibrated measurements for all the variable stars ... it
just so happened that there weren't any so that is a zero
length file. Anybody want a copy?

Andrew Bennett, Avondale Vineyard