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New Data Set 20

I did not send out the old data set 20.  I am working on a new one.

Those interested in data munching should write and tell me what you want to 
see in Data Set 20.

There will be two full disks of darks, bias frames and flats.  I am 
thinking of trying to find the same star field on several successive 
nights.  That would give a minimum of 100 measurements of some stars.

I am slowly getting the WCS coordinates adjusted so that they come pretty 
close to showing star positions.  Now well less than a degree in RA, mostly 
less than a degree in Decl.

Last nights data drifted 17 pixels per hour in RA and 13 pixels per hour in 
Decl.  This is less than a pixel per frame, and only a half pixel over the 
100 second exposure.  I will slowly make this better, but not much better.

Tom Droege