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Re: Suspected Variables in TASS data

On 6/2/02 1:59 PM, "jg" <jg@jgws.freeisp.co.uk> wrote:

> Anyway, if anybody needs any analysis advice, feel free to ask. I won't
> "half inch" your stars!  Reply would be either private or via list, and
> no where else, dependent on source of request post.

I need help. I don't understand AVE at all. Hopefully the new program
Michael mentioned will be easier for me to understand.

Basically, I just like learning and one of the things I want to learn about
is writing papers. How do I fold a light curve to create a phase plot? How
do I compute an ephemeris? How should I present my data, my analysis and my
conclusions? I'd really like to find someone to mentor me on this stuff,
even as I pursue my formal education in astrophysics (I have a long way to

I agree that if TASS is successful there will be too many stars for us to
work on. Sending them out to the community makes sense. I don't mean to be
protective but as a budding amateur, there are few areas I can really make a
difference and this seems like one of them.

Michael Koppelman