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Re: Suspected Variables in TASS data

Michael K. wrote:
>I don't mind buying text books. If you know something good, please let me
>know and I'll buy it. A web site would, of course, be very welcome to.
  The best published paper I know of is pretty dated, but still good
for the main techniques:  Fullerton, "Searching for Periodicity in
Astronomical Data," in The Study of Variable Stars Using Small Telescopes,
ed. J. R. Percy, Cambridge Press, 1986, p201ff.  That book has several
other articles of interest.  A little newer article covering similar
material is Cuypers, "Period Analysis of Variable Stars," in Applications
of Time Series Analysis in Astronomy and Meteorology, ed. Rao/Priestley/Lessi,
Chapman & Hall 1997, p275ff.  Both books are pricey; Percy's will have
more relevance to the amateur.
  Over an above that, you can always pick one of the general Variable
Star books.  Our CCD book will cover these basics, but won't be
available until next year.