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Re: Suspected Variables in TASS data

I think jg is probably doing something similar to me, which does not involve
FITS files or photometry at all.

What I did was first run the wsv3.pl script on the entire collected.big file
and put the results in a new file. Then I opened that in Microsoft Excel and
sorted it descending by the WS value. Then I deleted all the stars with a WS
value less than 1, which left me over 9000 stars to play with. Then I choose
a star and grep those lines out of the collected.big file into a new file.
In Excel I do a plot of the V magnitudes and see if it looks interesting.
(If you are running X you can use selectun.pl to do this but I never have.)
If it looks interesting I check the difference of V-I to make sure the star
is not very red. I get the average RA and DEC and look for the star in the
GCVS and NSV catalogs to make sure it is not known. Then I check it in
SIMBAD and the USNO catalogs to check color and verify the coordinates. Then
I use The Sky planetarium software to find the star. For some reason I don't
understand, The Sky has more GSC stars in it than SIMBAD does, so I get the
GSC number from The Sky.

Let me know if you have questions.

Michael Koppelman

On 6/2/02 8:28 PM, "DaveHamilton" <davehamilton@alltel.net> wrote:

> I for one could use an "analysis for dummies"  I have had the lastest CD
> about 1 week.  Yup it made it to Nebraska so its certainly everywhere
> else in the world by now.  I can run the enclosed perl's and some of the
> TASS software I've downloaded but am just going through lots of time not
> getting anything.  Could jp or Michael post a step by step list of the
> first things they did when they got the cd? How you searched, how you
> pulled down the corresponding FITS etc.  I am familiar with AIP4Win and
> its multi image photometry but getting to that point???