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Re: Crash!

It seems to be "going around."  My computer here crashed too with
a failed hard drive.  

Now that you have had some experiance with it, how does the dual
CPU system compare to the single CPU system.  I'd not expect
double performance.

Next time you crash a Linux/UNIX system and get to the point of
needing to do a complete re-install like that do the install on
a fresh disk and save the old drive.  Someone later can tel you
how to recover the data. It's not hard unless the drive is
physically damaged.

--- Tom Droege <tdroege2@earthlink.net> wrote:
> My new dual CPU processor crashed and took with it the results of 
> processing 40 Cds of data.  This is only a couple of days of work.  I
> don't 
> regret not backing up sooner, but would have backed up anyway in the
> next 
> couple of days.  Sigh!  Someone better at Linux than I could probably
> have 
> got it going again.  But by the time I was done, I ended up
> formatting both 
> disks.  On general principal, I moved the Linux system to the other
> hard 
> disk.  Everything seems to be OK.
> Tom Droege

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