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Re: Book recomendation

The original book recommendations were concerning period searching,
not variable-star research.  For variable stars, it depends on
how deep you want to study a particular subject and what background
you have.  For instance, there are two great books on cataclysmic
variables alone.  A general, recent, mid-level variable star book does
not exist (I've threatened to write one, but after the CCD book
delay, no one takes me seriously).
  The one I seem to always fall back to is Hoffmeister/Richter/Wenzel,
Variable Stars (Springer-Verlag 1985).  Dirk's book on eclipsing binary
light curves is great; the general light curve book mentioned earlier
is good also, though you really need more information than just
light curves to understand variables.  Almost all of these books
are out of print.