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Re: GSC 00279 00321 -- thoughts on type

Here are some thoughts on what type of variable this could be...

There are two main lines of thought on the period that have been brought 
up so far: that it has a period somewhere between 0.127 days and 0.17 days;
  or that it has a period of 1 or 2 days. If the period is short, RRc or 
DSCT seem most likely. If it is >= 1 day, it is likely EA, EB, or EW but 
it could still be a pulsating RR, CEP, or CW.

I don't have access to Astrophysical Quantities (yet) but someone else 
mentioned the spectral type seemed to be near F. That puts the spectral 
type in the ballpark for these variable types, which range from B-K but 
almost all include A or F.

The light curve currently does not seem to suggest a rotating variable or 

V-I seems pretty constant. At the light curve minimum V-I is greatest 
(0.84) and least at the maximum (0.72) but there is quite a bit of scatter 
so I'm not sure this is definitive. The shallower minimum in I seems to 
support the notion of it being an RR-type variable somewhat similar to CS 
Eri. The light curve here: http://www.lolife.com/gsc279-321/20020601.jpg 
seems to me to show a slow curve on top and a sharper curve at the bottom,
  which seems consistent with the RRc type variable.


Michael Koppelman