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Re: GSC 0279 0321 is probably not an eclipser (also note on colour index use)

I got over 3 hours of data, too. I am crunching it now. The suspense is 
killing me! Based on my calculations, I am fairly certain that we are 
going to see << 1d period. I was catching a minimum around 10:30pm CDT and 
according to a slightly greater than 1 day period, it should not have come 
until about 2am. I think the thing is sine waving up and down around 0.127 
days, but we'll have more data anon.


PS - My apologies to those that are sick and tired of this damn star!

On Thursday, June 6, 2002, at 11:11  AM, Dirk Terrell wrote:

> Craft observational tests and perform them. Last night I got three
> hours on this star, following it as far over as I could. Hopefully when
> I reduce the data, they will help us decide between EB and pulsator
> since I'm a bit further west than Michael K. and should have gotten
> data farther along the curve. I'll reduce them tonight and let everyone
> know how it turned out.