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Re: GSC 00279 00321 paper

Mike K. Wrote:

> 6. The ASCII format seems like the way to go vs. TeX. Congrats on your new
> paper, Jim! I neglected to add you by name to my acknowledgments but I
> will remedy that.

Yipes!  Please don't worry about that - A couple of general e-mails is all
I've contributed!

> to check some Harvard plates maybe. I'm not that patient so I'm thinking I
> will send this off within the next few weeks pending more input from y'all.
>   I just need to get this first one under my belt. It sounds like we will
> have plenty more to write!

If you're coming to AAVSO, why don't you bring it along - a lot of smart
experienced people you can talk to there.  In fact, you could even do a
presentation during the scientific sessions, I think you have until the 10th
to get on the schedule.  That would get a lot of people discussing it with
you.  Get some good stuff scratched on napkins, as Tom D. says.

Jim B.

> Cheers,
> Michael Koppelman