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Re: GSC 00279 00321 paper

aah@nofs.navy.mil wrote:

> As James Bedient mentioned, giving an AAVSO paper is an attractive alternative;
> you still get it into a refereed journal.  Not everything has to go through

General experiential comment.

I've been published in JAAVSO at least three times.  Once as sole author
and twice as second co-author.

Publication is about two issues a year, one around the turn of the year
and one about mid year, usually aimed to come out in time for the main
meeting.  There is no set time of publication however.

The first paper took about 18 months from submittal to get in print coz
it got lost somewhere, and after I checked up after six month they
looked for it and found it.

The second and third time the papers were submitted about four months
apart, with different first authors, and in the end appeared in the same
issue, only a month or so after the second submittal.

So, 18 to 6 to 1 month between submittal and take up.

Their referees were quite nice and helpful.

JAAVSO is okay but because of the nature of things it is not very fast.

Probably more importantly in the long run, they probably just couldn't
cope with more than one or two TASS papers an issue I think, given the
wide range of input they get.


John G