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Re: Linux RPM

jg wrote:
> Paul Repacholi wrote:
> >
> > After a solid search and destroy mission, I have been able to double
> > check. IRAF is on the Debian full CD kit, on disk 3. Anyone have a
> > Redhouse set who can check there? It will be in the `Powertools' set I
> > think.
> >
> > --
> > Paul Repacholi                               1 Crescent Rd.,
> Doesn't appear to be on redhat 7.1 powertools CD
> Doesn't appear to have been an rpm on older lfa CDs either, so that must
> be a new thing. Older LfA CDs did have a nice menu intaller thing that
> loaded it all for you though.
 Debian doesn't use RPM for packaging; it uses a tool called dselect that
operates on .deb package files. The package management facility is supposed
to be Debian's particular strength vs. other distributions, but the care they
take to keep everything interoperable means that Debian stable moves very
slowly. The current Debian stable kernel is still at version 2.2.something,
while Red Hat and Mandrake are currently somewhere in the 2.4's.

 So you won't find Debian packages on a Red Hat or Mandrake or Suse distribution,
and you can't use RPMs on Debian.

 I am still proceeding on the assumption that RPMs of IRAF 2.12 and assorted other
tools will be a useful thing. I notice that there are different branches the
IRAF tree for Red Hat/Mandrake (one branch) and for Suse (another), so I'm
not sure what it will take to build a single RPM for all three.