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tass star 240.0543 +9.3849

Last night I got 3 ea 48 frame 100 second runs.  I have cut down the number 
of images I take to get away from looking at the roof.  This should make 
things a little more stable.  The first run did not make it through the 
pipeline for no obvious reason.  The second run produced the star of the 
subject line.  I am still processing the third run.

This is the first time I have met my goal of releasing a measurement within 
24 hours.  I could not find the star in VizieR.  At least nothing seemed 
close to me.   This measurement is roughly 22 hours old.

tass star 240.0543 +9.3849 Vmag 10.12  Imag 9.64  (mean values for 2 hour run)

The magnitude decreased linearly (brightened) through the run changing by 
0.3 mag in V and I.

I am slowly working out the bugs in the reduction process.  I see no reason 
not to be able to put candidates on a web site within 24 hours.  I know 
some will think this is not proper science.  But it is good fun, and having 
fun with the data does not change the quality of the science.

Later I will consolidate everything and write a proper paper on all this 
data.  So I am saying nothing more about this star other than it was 
observed to slowly change 0.3 mag in two hours.

This is about par for the course.  I find about one interesting (fast 
changing) star per thousand measured.  There are more, I am sure, but these 
will take a lot more measurement care.  Many of the slower variables will 
be found as we observe over time.

Tom Droege