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A Little Project

Seems like VisieR does not like decimal degrees.

Here is a nice little project for someone.  Take the wsv3.pl that I put on 
DS23 and fix it up to put out hexadecimal notation for position.  I recall 
that the version I sent out also had a programming error and puts out zeros 
for the error values.  I had added the V and I values and the errors so 
that I had all the information I needed in one place.  You might fix the 
error problem also.  I assume this is all OK with Doug.  Please object Doug 
if you don't want people working on your code.  Then put the corrected code 
up on the tass site.

The ws output then can be the working list for examining stars from a 
particular run.  As I mentioned in the past, it is really best to run ws on 
each individual run since when runs are grouped together, small variations 
from run to run produce large ws statistic.  So I think it best to first 
look at each individual run.  One can find a few more variables this way.

Tom Droege