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Re: Features for a Select-2.0 Applet?

I just tried this today. Very nice!

My suggestions would be:

1. Compute the WS statistic and be able to next through the file in 
descending order of WS.
2. Keep preferences in a .selectun file so we don't have to edit the file 
every time we get a new version.
3. If using Java I second the motion to avoid any other software 

Also, the 1.2 version seems to be plotting stuff a bit weird for me, where 
there are overlapping lines. I can send you a plot if you'd like, or maybe 
that's a feature I don't understand?


On Saturday, June 8, 2002, at 11:46  AM, Rich Knowles wrote:

> All,
> I've had some thoughts about what some further improvements to the
> "Select.pl" program might be, and I'm curious if there are other things
> people would like to see as well.  Here's a wish list of some "select"
> specifications that I could think of off the top of my head, can anyone 
> add
> to them?
> The use metaphor would be something along the lines of 'click to advance'
>  in
> which, instead of displaying the dataset, the graphic image of the dataset
> would always be in front of the operator who would, on the click of a 
> button
> do a number of actions should he (or she) see something of interest.
> x  The new version would be a java applet (or .jar) and would therefore be
> portable as
> it could be run using any Java capable web browser such as netscape or IE 
> or
> simply with the JVM.
> x  In order to get rid of the ascii command interface, there would be a
> simple dashboard consisting of:
> 	o  A button to advance to the next dataset
> 	o  A button to back up to the previous dataset
> 	o  A button to send the current dataset to a file
> 	o  A button to make a .png with a requested name
> 	o  A button to make a .ps  with a requested name
> 	o  A menu item to turn on or off the display of the dataset
> 	o  A menu item to jump to any id in a given dataset file
> 	o  A menu item to close the current dataset and open another
> x  The dashboard would stay up while other things were happening on the
> screen.
> x  The applet would be able to differentiate between different julian 
> dates
> and would display files either in full-time mode or overlapped mode.
> x  I don't know how well Gnuplot would integrate with Java, but it would
> likely be the graphing tool of choice.
> ==========================================
> more ideas???
> PS:  Since this would be done in what meager spare time I possess, my
> interest level and the ease of implementation will likely dominate.  No
> promises...
> Rich Knowles