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Re: TASSJ165348.7+053411.3

Michael wrote:
My camera is the SBIG ST-237A. The quantum efficiency is here:


I used three comp star in Mira Pro: GSC 00393 00375, which is B-R=1.7, GSC
00297 02325, which is B-R=1.0 and GSC 00297 01937 which is B-R=1.1. I
guess these are all fairly red.

Arne has already responded to your question so I don't have much to add.  A couple of thoughts: isn't the ST-237A an anti-blooming (AB) chip?  If so, how close are you to saturation in your images? For an AB chip you start getting nonlinear response above 1/2 full well.  The QE curve you referenced peaks at about 550 nm, this is near the middle of the V curve. This means you can get away with using either V or Rc for comparison star magnitudes.